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Book a Collection

One of the best things about Giant Beanstalk! Do you have stuff at home that you'd like to put up for sale but don't have time? Book a collection below, we'll come round at the time you specify, take the items you want to sell and pop them up on here for you. Then just sit back and wait for them to get snapped up! What’s more you get to keep at least 80% of the sale price!

Where we collect and what it costs...

Collections currently cost £9.99 and you'll need to have a Giant Beanstalk account. We collect from any postcodes in the table below. If you want a collection outside of these areas drop us a line and we'll see what we can do. Similarly, although we've tried to offer a range of times, if none of them suit you, drop us a line.

We collect from these postcodes:

How much we'll collect...

We'll collect either 2 recycling-sized bags of clothes or 2 large items i.e. buggies, cots etc. Unfortunately we can't collect more than this during a single collection but if you have more stuff, and you're happy with our service, you're welcome to book as many collections as you need!

What we'll collect...

We'll collect virtually anything that's in great condition and would make a great second-hand item (you can look in our help section for more guidance!). However, we recommend that you don't include items of clothing where the original cost was less than £10. This is simply because we can't sell these items as second-hand at realistic prices. However, if you don't fancy doing any more sorting than you have to, feel free to give us your bags of unsorted stuff and anything that we feel wouldn't make a viable second-hand item, we'll simply donate to one of the great local charities on your behalf.

Available Slots

The following dates and times are available for a collection. Select the most convenient time slot and click 'Choose Collection Slot' to book it.