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About Us

It feels like it was only yesterday that Edina and I (Kate) were sitting in the car and she looked at me and said; you know we should really do a website for parents so that they can sell all their kids' stuff they no longer need. A year has gone by since and that idea has evolved into an actual website. On the 19th of September 2011, www.giantbeanstalk.co.uk opened for business for parents living in South West London.

It has not been an easy ride. Both Edina and I have been working with children and parents for the past decade and we have learnt to understand what they need and what they lack; they need a hassle free solution to recycle the things their children do not need and as time is precious, they need to be able to do it quickly and efficiently. Oh and if they could make a little money along the way that would be just great. So we sat down and created Giant Beanstalk; a website where parents could sell and buy children's things.

But we still had to solve the biggest problem of most parents; time. So we came up with a unique collection service where, for a small fee, we come to your house and pick up all the children related things you want to sell. Then we take them to our office, sort them out and upload them onto the website so that they can be bought by other parents. It's completely hassle free and sellers get to keep an amazing amount of the sale price considering the service. The collection service, and the people that are already uploading their own things, means the site is updated with new stock all the time, all individually approved by us – so make sure you visit regularly and snap up some great bargains! Please don’t forget to tell all your friends about this site, feedback is always welcomed so drop us a line at info@giantbeanstalk.co.uk at any time!